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They played a fast, physical, consistently pressurized game against the Lions. It was 13-0 in the first quarter and 20-10 at real uggs And then to start the third quarter, Minnesota ran the ball four straight times, four runs of 46, 16, 11 and 2 yards to score a touchdown and lead 27-10. When the Vikings got it back later in the quarter, Keenum, early in the drive, heaved the ball 50 yards downfield looking for blood. The pass fell incomplete, but the message was clear. Foot squarely on throat. "Everybody on this team has an attitude and an understanding and it’s not a sometimes thing," said Vikings running back Jerick McKinnon, who was a part of that opening, second-half ground mauling. "I think that first second-half drive set the tone." McKinnon said his team’s tone was set back in OTAs and all during the season: a continual build; a collective learning and effort. Actually, we can go back further to see a franchise dealing with an Adrian Peterson problem,

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a franchise quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater lost to injury with doubt that he would play again, and a head coach, Mike Zimmer, who underwent eight eye surgeries. At the start of this season, the Vikings showcased a sensational rookie running back -– Dalvin Cook -– who soared. But he was injured and lost for the year.